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Workshop Student Reviews

Read what former students have to say about Angi's classes:

"Just a quick note to thank you very much for a wonderful, entertaining and educational calligraphy class.  I as well as my mom and aunt had nothing but glowing remarks and compliments on our drive home that evening. Your encouraging assistance went a long way to making it enjoyable as well as very educational in teaching a wonderful art and skill.  We all intend to hone in our skills and practice, practice, practice.  Hopefully one day we can revisit and take a refresher course. Until such time, thank you again for all your help, patience and teaching techniques."    - Karlo 

"This workshop was exactly what I needed in order to help me hone in my constant itch to do more with handwritten script. I've always been interested in calligraphy, and have purchased books, pens, nibs and other fun supplies to kickstart my enthusiasm. But there really is nothing as good as having someone stand over you, showing you the proper way to hold the pen staff, support you in understanding pressure & release and allowing you the freedom to bring your own style into the mix. Angi was perfect at all those things and more. It's safe to say that I've spent hours practicing since the class on a daily basis! I can't wait to take the intermediate workshop with Angi soon and have her help me out as I continue my journey in calligraphy! Thank you times a million!"    - Stephanie

"I took Angi's "Intro to Modern Calligraphy" class for my birthday. Thanks to Angi's thorough explanation of both the tools and best practice, learning how to write letters was met with ease. Angi is always walking around her class to see how you are doing, and help with your form or suggest ways to improve your letters. Thanks to the tools provided (and you get to keep!!) I am obsessed with practicing my calligraphy now. I highly recommend taking one of her classes, I know I will be signing up for several more in the future! Thank you for the intro to my new obsession, Angi!!"    - Emily

"Angi is my favorite and most inspirational calligrapher! I took both the Beginner's Calligraphy class & Intermediate Calligraphy class with Angi after seeing her work on Instagram! She is a natural teacher, as she takes time to explain her methods/technique and will also make sure she gives constructive criticism so that you can actually learn and improve! Since taking her classes, I have been receiving many compliments about how my calligraphy has been progressing. She will walk around and is intentional about taking a look at all of her students' work. For the intermediate class, she purposefully made it a smaller class to devote more individual attention to each of her students. Most of all, she is a great and friendly person who always smiles and is very encouraging. I would recommend her classes to anyone who is seeking to learn or improve!"    - Rebecca

"A friend had recommended Angi's class back in May. I took her Intro to Modern Calligraphy class and loved it. Angi's personal style and flair is what attracted me; I really wanted to learn in her unique way. Even with my artistic background, I found out calligraphy quite challenging. I learned from the class that a lot of those calligraphy videos you see are sped up. I've since been practicing my letters and getting used to the pen. I really wanted to branch out more and learn more stylistic skills to give the letters some personality. I also wanted to learn what type of media and supplies to buy if I wanted to use colors. Angi notified me of an Intermediate Calligraphy class so I signed up for that as soon as it was available since seats fill up fast. She taught us how to add loops and gave us techniques for personalizing phrases/quotes. We learned to use gouache and even a new nib. Her classes are a bit pricey but totally worth it! You learn so much! There are lots of materials you take home with you from the class, too, to help you continue your hobby."    - Katherine

"Angi's class was highly recommended to me and it did not disappoint. Not only is she a talented calligrapher and a patient teacher, she is extremely personable, witty and charming to boot. She gave very clear, easy to understand instructions for an art form that relies on extreme precision and technique. She treated each student with the utmost attention, walking around constantly to each one of us to correct, improve and demonstrate her craft. Additionally, her attention to detail is impressive. It was hard not to catch my breath when I walked in to find the most stunning tablescape with all the calligraphy swag. In fact, she was so prepared that she even included a separate pen for me to use because I'm a lefty! Angi made learning calligraphy fun and approachable and her teaching style and artistry are traits to be envied. Thank you, Angi!"    - Lisa

"Great, great class and we had so much fun! Today, as I review my materials and what I learned yesterday, I realize this is an art form that I want to pursue more deeply and work to become excellent. Angie's class is not one of intimidation, but an avenue of confidence building. She makes it look easy and shows you the possibilities with practice, practice, practice. I'm craving ink and nib time now!I In a world of constant distraction, engaging in pen, brain and hand coordination, is a calming and beautiful gift."    - LauraLee

"LOVE Angi's Calligraphy Class! She is so talented and sweet! Such a comfortable and fun environment for those wanting to learn the art of Calligraphy. I have had prior experience and I enrolled in her class because as a lefty, I wanted to up my skills and learn the use of ink and the "pointed pen" in the Modern Calligraphy style. I learned a lot ( mostly that I need a lot more practice She is so helpful and patient. The gifts and staging for the class with supplies..... wow.... everything done so fresh and with a modern touch!! Looking forward to her intermediate class!"    - Nanci

"I had a FABULOUS time taking Angi's Beginner's Calligraphy Workshop. I am not the most artistic, but found with Angi's help, patience, and detailed instructions, I was able to have a great time, and learn some skills to be proud of! Her class was very fun, very relaxed, and at the same time extremely informative."    - Allie

"I wish I could give her 10 stars! :) I attended one of Angi's beginner workshops after my boyfriend gifted me with it for my birthday. I'd never tried calligraphy before and didn't really know what to expect, but it was SO FUN! Not only is she a talented creative and an excellent teacher (very patient!), but the workshop was such an enjoyable and fun way to spend a day! I left feeling inspired to keep practicing and trying on my own and am looking forward to trying her intermediate workshop next. I highly highly highly recommend Angelique, Ink!"    - Amanda

"I signed up for class after seeing Angi's work on Instagram, class time flew by. She is a fantastic teacher. Reviewing my pages this morning, they are so good compared to what I practiced on my own. I look forward to attending the intermediate class !"    - Laurie

"I had so much fun in this class. Angelique is an awesome teacher and her work is gorgeous. I took the beginner class with zero previous experience and its a great way to start. Definitely worth it!"    -Valeri

"I took Angi's Intro to Modern Calligraphy class and absolutely loved it! She was very helpful, and the class provided me with all of the tools I needed to continue practicing calligraphy at home. I highly recommend her class."    -Tyler

"I was looking for a new hobby and decided to try out calligraphy. I signed up for my first modern calligraphy workshop and have fallen in love with it! Angi was very patient and thorough. I look forward to attending more of her workshops."    - Laura

"I attended Angelique's workshop and could not have had a better time learning from her! She is very alert to everyone and helping each of us gain our own techniques and styles! I would recommend this class to anyone or to a group would be a blast! No matter your experience she can challenge you and teach you new/improved ways. I can not wait to take the intermediate modern calligraphy class soon! I also purchased a address stamp for my wedding and it is beautiful!"    - Ashley

"I attended your Valencia, CA workshop on September 9th, 2016 and really enjoyed it! The kit and information you provided was just right for the beginner like myself and I have been practicing ever since! I hope to attend future workshops to learn more from you!"    - Linda

"I was thrilled to open up my Christmas present to find a registration ticket for Angi's beginner's workshop.  I eagerly anticipated the day set aside for me to enjoy a long time hobby.  I was not disappointed.  Angi was super sweet, warm in her interactions, excited about the instruction, wise in her advice, and encouraging our meager attempts to enter the beautiful art form of calligraphy.  Her tools were lovely and a great resource for us to use as we continue our practice.  The pace of instruction was appropriate and we all walked away with a piece that we created while at the shop.  I wanted to day to linger on, but I've enjoyed following her on FB and Instagram to keep me motivated to work at my skill and style.  Thank you, Angi.  You are inspirational!"    - Darcie

"I took Angi's beginning and intermediate Modern Calligraphy Workshops, and now because of her, I got a new hobby and a new storage system full of Calligraphy paper, pens, nibs, and ink! I learned so much in both workshop and had fun in her workshops. I like the fact that class size is not too big so she can spend time with us individually as well as with the whole group. The supplies she prepares for each of us are very useful, she makes the fun yet educational. If you haven't registered for one of her workshops, do it now before they are filled!
I truly enjoyed your workshops and now I'm practicing almost everyday! Thank you Angi for introducing me to modern calligraphy! If you have any more workshop that I can learn more, I'll definitely be there!"    - Sarah
"I absolutely loved going to the Beginner Calligraphy Class. First of all, not being artistic, I was terrified I would be very bad at calligraphy. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did Angi the instructor make me feel at ease, she also explained everything in a very easy to understand way. From the basics of understanding the typography, to doing the drills to get accustomed to the feel of the pointed pen, I felt like the class flew by. I learned so much more than I thought.With a little more practice I can't wait to take her Intermediate class. I cannot express how much fun and enjoyable learning with her was."    - Cindy
"First of all, I was really excited to take your class because I was already a huge fan of your calligraphy style as I saw through instagram. Your class was great as it really taught us the basics and introduced us to the art of calligraphy. I learned a lot from you when you explained each part of the nib, holder, how to dip it in the ink, how to prepare the nib, what kind of paper to use, etc. There were lots of great tips that I got out of the class. Also, I really loved all the tools you prepared for us! Everything from the clipboard, to the traceable workbook, sheets of paper with guide lines, the envelope with nibs in it, and the ink holder were all amazing tools and very helpful. I also enjoyed practicing the pressure-and-release exercises that you had us do. It helped me to get a feel for how to work the pointed pen and it was therapeutic! I would recommend your class to all my friends and would love to take another class with you again!"    -Esther